What Will Happen If Your Bunion Is Left Untreated?

The condition of your feet can have a direct impact on your daily comfort and mobility. Your feet need to be able to support the weight of your body, so proper foot anatomy is crucial. Some people develop an anatomical disorder that causes the big toe to shift inward and point toward the second toe. This condition is known as a bunion. Bunions start off small, but they can grow quickly if left untreated. [Read More]

3 Types Of Cosmetic Surgery For Your Feet

If you don't like how your feet look, you can actually do something about it. Podiatrists can change the way that your feet look with cosmetic toe surgery. If you are not happy with the way your feet look, you need to talk to your podiatrist to see what they can do to help you. The three primary cosmetic surgeries that podiatrists preform are toe lengthening, toe straightening, and toe shortening. [Read More]

How To Get Relief From Pain In The Ball Of Your Foot

Pain in the ball of your foot, or metatarsalgia, can develop gradually as a result of running or other high-impact sports. You might also get it from wearing high heels frequently or because you're overweight. Whatever the cause, the pain can make it difficult to do your usual activities. A podiatrist can suggest ways to heal your foot pain and prevent the condition from coming back. Here are some treatments that might help. [Read More]

What To Expect If You Need Foot Surgery For Hammer Toe

If one of your toes has a bend in the middle joint that causes it to rub against your shoes, you might have hammer toe. This condition is caused by a muscle imbalance in your toe that causes it to curl. When the toe muscles are out of balance, the ligaments in your toe are affected and they can't hold your toe straight like they should. This condition can be painful and make it difficult to wear shoes. [Read More]