3 Types Of Cosmetic Surgery For Your Feet

If you don't like how your feet look, you can actually do something about it. Podiatrists can change the way that your feet look with cosmetic toe surgery. If you are not happy with the way your feet look, you need to talk to your podiatrist to see what they can do to help you. The three primary cosmetic surgeries that podiatrists preform are toe lengthening, toe straightening, and toe shortening.

#1 - Toe Lengthening

Sometimes you end up with a toe that is shorter than the rest of your toes. This may be the result of a congenital disorder, or it may be because of an injury to your foot.

Having a toe that is significantly shorter than the rest can make your foot look funny, and you may be embarrassed to show your feet in public due to the shorter length of your toe. Having a toe that is shorter than the rest can also cause functional issues for you as well.

If you have a short toe, your toe can be surgically lengthened. This is done by cutting the metatarsal bone and lengthening it a little bit. More commonly, though, the technique of bone-graft lengthening is used, in which a bone graft is used to lengthen your toe so that it fits in with the rest of your toes.

#2 - Toe Shortening

Sometimes you end up with a toe that is longer than the others. Oftentimes, the second toe next to your big toe can be longer than your big toe. In most people, the difference in length is really subtle; however, for some the difference in toe length is more dramatic. If you have a second toe that is a lot longer than your big toe, it can be shortened.

A long toe doesn't usually have a functional impact, although it may. To shorten a toe, one of two methods is used; a joint resection can be used to remove one of the joints in your toe, or bone mending can be used, in which one small joint is removed and your bone ends are mended together in order to create a shorter toe.

#3 - Toe Straightening

Not all toes are straight; sometimes people have a toe that seems to be crooked or angular. This can happen naturally or it can happen due to a bunion which caused your toes to become deformed.

Toe straightening is a procedure that is used to get your toe straight and in the right position. To straighten your toe, the bone will be cut and realigned; oftentimes, pins, screws, and plates are also used in order to hold your bone in place.

If you have a toe that is too long, too short, or crooked, a podiatrist can assist you with changing the appearance of your feet.