What To Expect After Bunion Surgery

A bunion forms due to the misalignment of a toe joint, and in some cases extra bone growth can be present. Bunions are typically found at the base of the big toe joint, but people can also form bunions on the outside of their foot, adjacent to the little toe joint. Living with bunions can be very painful, and in some cases surgery is required to repair the foot. If you need to have bunion surgery, continue reading to learn what to expect. [Read More]

Why You Should See A Podiatrist When You Have Diabetes

If you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you probably have all sorts of concerns swirling through your mind. You'll have to change your lifestyle and your diet to keep your blood sugar under control so your condition doesn't cause major damage to your body. One thing in particular you'll have to do differently is take good care of your feet. You may not have problems with your feet now, but if your diabetes gets bad enough, you could possibly develop infections severe enough that you need to have a toe amputated. [Read More]

Dealing With Severe And Constant Foot Pain? Know What Isn't Normal

People go to the doctor for well visits, see a dental health professional to have their teeth cleaned, and often see other professionals for other cosmetic concerns, but fail to properly care for their feet. If you are having soreness and pain throughout your toes, foot, arch, and ankle, and the pain is so severe that some days you can't walk after being on your feet for hours, you need to see a podiatrist. [Read More]

Why Is The Base Of Your Big Toe Sore?

When the base of your big toe is sore, the pain can make it hard to walk, play, and enjoy your favorite activities. Figuring out what's causing your pain is the first step to treating it and getting on with your daily life. Here's a look at two of the most likely causes of pain as the base of the big toe. Sesamoiditis Do you partake in an activity like ballet, running, or long jumping in which you regularly put a lot of strain on your big toe? [Read More]