Preparing For A Bunion Removal Surgery

If the base of your big toe is pushing outward, you have a medical condition known as a bunion. While bunions can range in severity, these anatomical anomalies can create serious problems over time. Making the choice to have your bunion removed surgically can be a simple and effective way to prevent the bunion from causing you pain in the future.

Here are three things that you should keep in mind as you prepare for bunion surgery:

1. Don't put your surgery off.

Since a bunion removal is considered an elective surgery, many people are tempted to postpone the procedure due to time and financial constraints. If you are considering postponing your own bunion removal, be sure that you are aware of the consequences that might come along with your delay.

The longer you leave your bunion unaddressed, the more problems it will cause. Opting to have a bunion removed as quickly as possible improves the odds that a simple procedure will be all that is required to provide you with relief. The longer you wait, the more serious your bunion becomes and the more invasive your removal surgery will be.

2. Invest in comfortable shoes.

Many people think that once a bunion is removed, their problems are solved. While a bunion removal surgery can provide you with relief, it's important to recognize that a bunion has the potential to grow back.

Investing in comfortable shoes that you can wear following your surgery will help you ward off the development of a bunion in the future. Look for footwear that is flat and has a wide toe box to avoid putting pressure on your toe joint and causing your bunion to reappear.

3. Plan for ample recovery time.

Although a bunion removal is a routine surgical procedure, you should recognize that you will need to take some time to heal from the procedure. Schedule your surgery for a time when you don't have any significant plans since your mobility might be limited due to crutches or discomfort.

You will also need to regularly visit with your surgeon following your bunion removal to ensure you aren't developing an infection and that your incision is healing properly.

Being able to prepare yourself for a bunion removal surgery will allow you to take advantage of the healing benefits the procedure can provide. Make sure that you don't delay your surgery, that you invest in proper footwear to prevent the bunion from coming back, and that you plan for ample recovery time to ensure your surgical bunion removal is a success.

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