Simple Methods That Will Assist With Reducing Swelling And Pain In Your Ankle

If you were running around the outdoor track at a local recreation center and fell, causing your ankle to twist, the following tips will assist with reducing swelling and pain while you recover from the injury.

Epsom Salt Soaks And Topical Cream

Epsom salt is comprised of white or colorless salt crystals that are often used as a natural medicinal product, due to the product's ability to reduce swelling in various parts of the body and provide temporary pain relief. Add lukewarm water to your bath tub or a shallow pan. Sprinkle a generous amount of epsom salt into the water. Use your hand or a large spoon to stir the contents in the tub or pan until the salt crystals dissolve.

Soak your injured foot in the salt water until swelling and pain subsides. Towel dry your foot and apply a topical pain relief cream to your ankle. Use gentle pressure as you apply the cream. Resoak your foot and apply more cream as needed.

Ankle Brace And Cushioned Footwear

Purchase a flexible ankle brace from a pharmacy or medical supply retailer. An ankle brace is often made from breathable fabric that will help keep your skin dry. Wash and dry your foot. Wrap the brace around the upper part of your foot, being sure to cover the injured area completely. Adjust the strap on the brace if the material is pulled too tightly across the injured area.

If you are going to be walking around your home or heading off to work, wear cushioned footwear that won't place strain against the injured area. Shoes with gel inserts or slippers that have a foam lining will provide comfort as you place weight on the injured foot 

Elevation On A Cooling Pad

Rest as much as possible on a soft mattress, couch, or recliner. Before laying down, place a stack of pillows or a foam wedge at the end of the piece of furniture that you will be lying on. Elevating your injured foot will prevent blood from pooling around your ankle, which will reduce pressure against the area that has been causing you pain.

To numb the painful area and further reduce pain, place a thick cooling pad on top of the pillows or wedge. A battery-operated cooling pad will allow you to move the pad around your home without the risk of tripping over an electrical wire. Before placing your injured foot on top of the pad, slowly lift your leg over the pad and gently set the injured part of your foot on the cool surface.

Contact a clinic, like Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois, for more help.