Dealing With Severe And Constant Foot Pain? Know What Isn't Normal

People go to the doctor for well visits, see a dental health professional to have their teeth cleaned, and often see other professionals for other cosmetic concerns, but fail to properly care for their feet. If you are having soreness and pain throughout your toes, foot, arch, and ankle, and the pain is so severe that some days you can't walk after being on your feet for hours, you need to see a podiatrist. There are some serious issues that you could be dealing with, but you aren't treating the concerns properly because you aren't aware of the problem. Look into the following with a specialist.


Arthritis occurs when the fluid in the joints and cartilage wears thin, and the bones start to rub together. If your cartilage is starting to deteriorate and you aren't taking any supplements to help with the problem, you may start to have aches and pains all throughout the foot. You'll want to see a specialist to stop the progression of this problem and to get treatment for the pain.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are tiny little bone fractures that can turn into big problems and broken bones. The pain of a stress fracture doesn't usually come on while working or doing an activity, but instead after, when you are resting. You may need a brace or other treatment for this condition, along with supplements to help strengthen the bones to prevent further fracturing. 

Bone Spurs or Hammer Toe                    

If you notice that your toes are misshapen or that you have a huge knot in your foot, you could be dealing with orthotic concerns like hammer toe or bone spurs. Hammer toe is when the toe is disfigured andbent, and this often requires surgery to fix the concern. Bone spurs are when the bones and cartilage get built up in an area of the foot, and this can be a problem along with the hammer toe, and this often needs surgery.

If you think you have foot pain that is beyond normal aches and pains, it's time for you to see a specialist to treat your problems. You want to get an MRI or another type of scan that allows you to see the bones and the tissues in the foot so the specialist can determine the cause of your pain and the best way to treat it. Contact a podiatrist like Greenberg Paul for additional information.